Repair Estimate

Getting an estimate in Michigan has long been the first step in getting your vehicle repaired.  The good news is that with all the advances in technology and insurance relationships, you’ve never had more choices and estimates have never been faster or easier.

  • If you like the good, old-fashioned way of doing business face-to-face and have extra time on your hands, please contact us to schedule an appointment or just stop in and see us at any one of our locations. We will review your car and give you an estimate of repairs.
  • But, if you’re like most people with no extra time and you want the quickest, most convenience way to get an estimate, click here and we’ll send you our estimate tool. In just a few minutes of your time, we’ll have everything we need for most repairs to get you a complete estimate.
  • If you already have an estimate from an insurance company, perfect. We work with all insurance companies and can use their estimate to get started. Click here and we will send you a link to our estimate tool.  The tool is so simple: give us your info, snap a few pictures (including the estimate) and make a note that you’re including the insurance estimate. We’ll contact you to schedule the repair.

Once you bring us your car for repairs, the estimate will be converted to a complete repair plan by thoroughly accessing your car for hidden and subsequent damage.  Whichever path you choose, we’re ready to serve you.

repair estimate tool

Why Vision Collision?

  • Mobile Estimating
  • Rental Vehicles Available
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • I-Car Gold Class Professionals
  • Certified First Shop Technicians
  • We Work On All Makes & Models
  • Free Pick Up & Delivery Available